West Indies

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  • To south : Martinique / Sainte Lucie / Saint Vincent / Bequia / Tobago Cays / Union / Palm Island / Martinique
    If the Grenadines are closed (cause of Covid quarantine) then we will sail the tour of Martinique or route “To North”
  • To north : Martinique / Dominique / Les Saintes / Guadeloupe / Marie Galante / Martinique
  • One way from Martinique to Guadeloupe (through Dominique / Les Saintes / La Désirade / Marie Galante) > From Jan 24 to Feb 2  2021 + From Feb 10 to 19 2021
  • One way from Guadeloupe to Martinique (through Dominique / Les Saintes / La Désirade / Marie Galante) > From Jan 3 to Jan 12 2021 + From Feb 14 to Feb 23 2021
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Type of boat :

  • Pogo 36, Pogo 12.50, RM 1180 or TS42

Coaching :

An instructor with state education and experience

Price including:

  • The provision of the boat
  • The state-certified instructor
  • Insurance
  • Linen on board (bottom sheets + kitchen towels + pillowcases)
  • Cleaning the boat at the end of the course (you will not do the cleaning on the last day so that the fun continues until the end!)

Does not include: the on-board cash (food, consumables, stopover fees).

Protocols related to the Covid-19 health crisis

Our boats are thoroughly cleaned by the specialized company Kerboat which uses manually on clean surfaces products approved and made in France with a contact time of 15 minutes (Bactericide: EN 1276 at 15g / l, Fungicide: EN 1650 at 10g / l, Fungicide: NFT 72-190 at 50g / l, Virucidal: EN 14476 at 4%)

For our sailing courses we have also implemented a protocol:

  • Before boarding, each member of the crew strictly applied the barrier gestures, the safety distances, the confinement requirements and signed an individual declaration of honor to this effect.
  • The boat is delivered healthy at the start of the course (see cleaning protocol of the Kerboat company) as well as its surfaces and maneuvers
  • At the time of boarding, contact between sailors is prohibited (hands clasped, braces, kisses, ...) and a temperature control is carried out on each team member
  • Hand washing with soap after installation of what has been loaded. No obligation then to wear a mask which remains at the convenience of each one, as well as the wearing of gloves (take them off for any intervention of the hands on the body)
  • During a landing, it is compulsory to wear a mask in addition to barrier movements and safety distances (even between crew members)
  • As soon as you arrive from outside the boat and before boarding: hand washing with hydro-alcoholic solution and disinfection of what you take on with Sanitol spray and wipes
  • In navigation: use of all available space to maintain the distance of 1 meter as much as possible
  • Favor side by side face to face (conversations, meals, ...)
  • The exchange of materials, equipment (including cigarettes or lighters) is prohibited
  • Boats are equipped with soap, hydro-alcoholic solution and disposable handkerchiefs
  • The contact surfaces are regularly cleaned and decontaminated with a disinfectant
  • In the event of an infection, and while awaiting disembarkation, an infected seafarer wears a mask and protective gloves and is isolated from the rest of the crew