West Indies

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  • To south : Martinique / Sainte Lucie / Saint Vincent / Bequia / Tobago Cays / Union / Palm Island / Martinique
    If the Grenadines are closed (cause of Covid quarantine) then we will sail the tour of Martinique or route “To North”
  • To north : Martinique / Dominique / Les Saintes / Guadeloupe / Marie Galante / Martinique
  • One way from Martinique to Guadeloupe (through Dominique / Les Saintes / Petite-Terre / Marie Galante)
  • One way from Guadeloupe to Martinique (through Dominique / Les Saintes / Petite-Terre / Marie Galante)
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Type of boat :

  • Pogo 36, Pogo 12.50, RM 1180 or TS42

Coaching :

An instructor with state education and experience

Price including:

  • The provision of the boat
  • The state-certified instructor
  • Insurance
  • Linen on board (bottom sheets + kitchen towels + pillowcases)
  • Cleaning the boat at the end of the course (you will not do the cleaning on the last day so that the fun continues until the end!)

Does not include: the on-board cash (food, consumables, stopover fees, around 15/20 € per day), the FFVoile passport (15 € valid for the year).

Price example for 1 of 10 days course: € 1,465 single berth (square or shared double cabin) / € 1,885 privatized double cabin


In view of the current context, a test (PCR or antigen) less than 72 hours before the start of the course or a vaccination certificate will be requested
Before boarding, each member of the crew must strictly apply barrier gestures, safety distances, confinement requirements and sign an individual declaration of honor to this effect (on the registration form)
The boat is delivered healthy at the start of the course: our boats are thoroughly cleaned by a company that manually uses on clean surfaces products approved and made in France with a contact time of 15 minutes (bactericide: EN 1276 at 15g / l, fungicide: EN 1650 at 10g / l, fungicide: NFT 72-190 at 50g / l, virucidal: EN 14476 at 4%)
Hand disinfection after installation of what we have on board. No obligation thereafter to wear a mask which remains at the convenience of each one
When disembarking a stopover, wearing a mask is mandatory in addition to barrier gestures and safety distances (even between crew members)
As soon as you arrive from outside the boat and before getting on board: washing your hands with hydro-alcoholic solution and disinfecting what you get on board
Each person embarks with an individual bag in which there is:
– Several surgical masks
– A bottle of personal hydro-alcoholic gel