Atlantic crossings

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Price including:

  • The provision of the boat
  • The state-certified instructor
  • Insurance
  • Linen on board (bottom sheets + kitchen towels + pillowcases)
  • Cleaning the boat at the end of the course (you will not do the cleaning on the last day so that the fun continues until the end!)

Does not include: the on-board cash (food, consumables, layover costs).

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Accompanied by a professional skipper, you will never be more than 3 trainees on board on the POGO 36, 4 trainees on board on the POGO 1250 and RM 1180, 5 trainees on board on the TS 42 catamaran for more comfort, safety and pedagogy.

Possible routes:

Bormes > Canary Islands
La Rochelle > Canary Islands
Canary Islands > Martinique
Martinique > La Rochelle (via the Azores or Madeira)
Martinique > Port Saint Louis du Rhône (via the Azores or Madeira)

You will take full advantage of the different aspects of life on board while training in the techniques necessary for autonomy on a sailboat. The on-board instructor adapts his instructions according to the level and objectives of each team member (weather, point on the nautical chart with and without GPS, settings, etc.).

Our boats are equipped with an Iridium Go with unlimited data plan (emails and texts), tracking for your loved ones so that they can follow your progress, offshore pharmacy, grab bag, diesel cans, spinnaker, staysail, gennaker, Watt&Sea hydrogenerator for the Pogo and watermaker for the RM, solar panel,…

To the price of the crossing is added the food (about 15 to 20€/day/person including the skipper’s, less if the fishing is good!), the return plane ticket depending on the direction of the crossing (take one editable).

OPEN SAIL bears the cost of fuel, stopover costs and final cleaning.

If you do not already have an FFVoile license or a Sailing Passport valid for the current year, you will need to provide 15€ for the FFVoile Passport insurance which will also allow you to receive a certification booklet at the end of the course.

You will discuss safety (technical management of the sailboat, specific maneuvers), navigation (point on the nautical chart, weather forecast, taking into account the tide, monitoring the logbook, use of on-board electronics, …), techniques (manoeuvres and adjustments of spinnaker, gennaker, staysail, reduction, …), night navigation on watch, fishing, etc.

The purpose for the trainees is generally a rental, a purchase of a boat, the integration of a crew for a cruise or quite simply the pleasure of knowing how to sail aboard a sailboat in complete safety.

Sailing across the Atlantic: the experience of a lifetime!


Information & reservations: 06 14 44 61 78 /

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Bormes les Mimosas / Les Canaries, La Rochelle / Les Canaries, Dahouet / Les Canaries, Les Canaries / Martinique, Martinique / La Rochelle, Martinique / Port Saint Louis du Rhône, Martinique / Dahouët


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POGO 36, POGO 12.50, POGO 44, RM 1180, TS 42