Atlantic crossings

2 600.004 200.00

Price including:

  • The provision of the boat
  • The state-certified instructor
  • Insurance
  • Linen on board (bottom sheets + kitchen towels + pillowcases)
  • Cleaning the boat at the end of the course (you will not do the cleaning on the last day so that the fun continues until the end!)

Does not include: the on-board cash (food, consumables, layover costs).

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In individual boarding you will be accompanied by a professional skipper and will never be more than 4 team members for more comfort.

Possible routes:

Bormes> Canaries
La Rochelle> Canary Islands
Canary Islands> Martinique
Martinique> La Rochelle (via the Azores)
Martinique> Bormes (via the Azores)

You will fully enjoy the different aspects of life on board while training in the techniques necessary for autonomy on a sailboat. The on-board monitor adapts his instructions according to the level and objectives of each team member (port manoeuvers, local and general weather, chart chart with and without GPS, settings, etc.).

You will approach safety (technical management of the sailboat, specific manoeuvers), navigation (point on nautical chart, weather forecast, taking into account the tide, logbook monitoring, use of on-board electronics, …), Techniques (spinnaker, gennaker, staysail, reduction, sailing manoeuvers), night navigation on a shift, fishing, etc.

The purpose is generally for trainees to hire, buy a boat, integrate a crew for a cruise or simply the pleasure of knowing how to sail aboard a sailboat in complete safety.

Sailing across the Atlantic: the experience of a lifetime!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

Protocols related to the Covid-19 health crisis

Our boats are thoroughly cleaned by the specialized company Kerboat which uses manually on clean surfaces products approved and made in France with a contact time of 15 minutes (Bactericide: EN 1276 at 15g / l, Fungicide: EN 1650 at 10g / l, Fungicide: NFT 72-190 at 50g / l, Virucidal: EN 14476 at 4%)

For our sailing courses we have also implemented a protocol:

  • Before boarding, each member of the crew strictly applied the barrier gestures, the safety distances, the confinement requirements and signed an individual declaration of honor to this effect.
  • The boat is delivered healthy at the start of the course (see cleaning protocol of the Kerboat company) as well as its surfaces and maneuvers
  • At the time of boarding, contact between sailors is prohibited (hands clasped, braces, kisses, ...) and a temperature control is carried out on each team member
  • Hand washing with soap after installation of what has been loaded. No obligation then to wear a mask which remains at the convenience of each one, as well as the wearing of gloves (take them off for any intervention of the hands on the body)
  • During a landing, it is compulsory to wear a mask in addition to barrier movements and safety distances (even between crew members)
  • As soon as you arrive from outside the boat and before boarding: hand washing with hydro-alcoholic solution and disinfection of what you take on with Sanitol spray and wipes
  • In navigation: use of all available space to maintain the distance of 1 meter as much as possible
  • Favor side by side face to face (conversations, meals, ...)
  • The exchange of materials, equipment (including cigarettes or lighters) is prohibited
  • Boats are equipped with soap, hydro-alcoholic solution and disposable handkerchiefs
  • The contact surfaces are regularly cleaned and decontaminated with a disinfectant
  • In the event of an infection, and while awaiting disembarkation, an infected seafarer wears a mask and protective gloves and is isolated from the rest of the crew