Atlantic crossing

Open Sail chose to operate its fleet on both sides of atlantic ocean : Winter in the Caribbean and Summer in Europe.
It’s a rare opportunity to do a transatlantic on board a performing sailing boat : TS, Pogo & RM

Our boats are specially equipped for this program:

  • Hydrogenerator
  • Satellite communications with Iridium and tracking for your relatives
  • Fix PC with navigation Software (Adrena)
  • Grab bag
  • First aid kit adapted to the offshore navigation
  • Spare parts
  • Etc…

Shorter navigation is also possible with a stop in the Canary islands for example.

Our POGO & RM are available with or without skipper.

With skipper :

Without skipper :

You can embark individually or with your own crew and you have the possibility to do a rallye (like ARC Rally, Atlantic Odyssey or the Rallye des iles du soleil).
Come with us to surf the offshore swell on board a performant cruiser : a real fantastic experience !

Fares without skipper :

Transat Europe > West Indies :

The fare is the same from the mainland or from the Canaries

Departure from mainland : 7 weeks

Departure Canary Islands : 4 weeks

POGO 36 : 19200€

POGO 1250 / RM 1180 : 28400€

POGO 44 / TS 42 : 40500€

Arrival in the West Indies no later than December 15th
If the duration is longer or the arrival is later, the fare will be adjusted

Transat Antilles > Europe :

The fare is the same from Martinique or from the Azores

Departure Martinique : 7 weeks

Departure Azores : 4 weeks

POGO 36 : 9600€

POGO 1250 / RM 1180 : 14200€

POGO 44 / TS 42 : 16100€

Arrival in France at the latest on May 5th
If the duration is longer or the arrival is later, the price will be adjusted

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