Active cruise

An exceptional, luxurious yacht, the ORC 57 is a marvellous compromise between comfort and performance :

Available with a crew of skipper and hostess, you can book a cabin while taking part in the manoeuvres for a top-of-the-range active cruise in the West Indies, across the Atlantic

> On 19 October 2024, the Avel Vaez will leave Lavrio for Las Palmas in the Canaries. This will be an opportunity to cross the Mediterranean, cross the Straits of Gibraltar and arrive in Las Palmas around 15 November 2024. There will be stopovers in Kithira, the Peloponnese, Malta, Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands and Spain.

> The ARC 2024 (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) will set off from Las Palmas on Sunday 24 November 2024. Avel Vaez will be the first ORC 57 to take part in this rally across the Atlantic Ocean. Arrival in Saint Lucia around 8 December.

> From 21 December 2024 to 22 March 2025, Avel Vaez is available in the Caribbean.

> On 29 March 2025, Avel Vaez will leave Le Marin in Martinique to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Arrival at Horta in the Azores is scheduled for 11 April 2025. After a week’s wait, the Avel Vaez will leave Horta on 19 April 2025 and arrive in Lavrio in Greece on 3 May 2025.