Week-long sailing courses aboard our POGO 1250 and RM 1180 await you all summer departing from Bormes-les-Mimosas and La Rochelle!
You will approach safety (technical support of the sailboat, specific manoeuvers), navigation (point on nautical chart with and without GPS, weather forecast, taking into account the tide, monitoring the logbook, use of the (on-board electronics, etc.), techniques (spinnaker, gennaker, staysail, sailing manoeuvers, porting to the engine, reefing, taking the boot, etc.), night shift navigation, etc. different aspects of a life on board while training you in the techniques necessary for autonomy on a sailboat.

The purpose is generally for trainees to hire, buy a boat, integrate a crew for a cruise or simply the pleasure of knowing how to sail aboard a sailboat in complete safety.